New Oklahoma Traffic Law Will Disallow Cruising In The Left Lane

Jul 19, 2017

Credit Famartin / Wikimedia Commons

Many Oklahomans will be forced to change the way they drive after a new law takes effect in November.

As KFOR reports, beginning Nov. 1, drivers will no longer be allowed to travel in the left lane permanently.

As Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer Dwight Durant explains, “You cannot get in that left lane, you cannot hang out in that left lane, even if you're going fast.”

The language of the law is clear, stating; “a vehicle may not be driven in the left lane except when overtaking and passing another vehicle.”

To promote the law, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has installed traffic signs across the state that read “Slower traffic keep right” and “Do not impede left lane.”

Lawmakers hope the law will decrease accidents and get traffic moving more smoothly in the Sooner State.