New York Times opinion piece berates Brownback and Kansas budget dilemma

Mar 3, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Kansas was recently featured in a New York Times piece criticizing the state for its budget shortfall resulting from the biggest tax cuts in Kansas history.

The piece called Governor Sam Brownback’s 2012 implementation of personal and corporate income tax cuts for rich business owners, which he claimed would produce higher state revenues, a trickle down fantasy that has not moved employers to invest and hire more, but instead has resulted in a state budget flooded with red ink.

The New York Times editorial board also berated Brownback’s veto of tax legislation that would have reinstated the tax cuts and generate an approximate $1 billion over the next two years, calling it less of a victory for Brownback than a rebuke to his leadership.

The piece goes onto say that Brownback’s real-life test of the economic theories so warmly embraced by the likes of House Speaker Paul Ryan has provided indisputable proof that no miraculous free lunch will result from his party’s tax-cut delusions.