No Evidence Colorado Voters Who Canceled Registrations Were Ineligible

Jul 27, 2017


The number of Colorado voters who have canceled their registrations since President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission, headed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, requested voter information earlier this month, is now up to 5,000.

As The Denver Post reports, there is no evidence that any were ineligible to vote.

That is what Secretary of State Wayne Williams said Thursday in a written statement in which he also encouraged those who withdrew their voter registrations to re-register, ensuring that no confidential information will be provided to the commission.

His office and others across the country will be sending publicly available voter data - including names, addresses, party affiliations and birth years – to the commission in the coming days, following a federal court ruling Monday declining a request to halt the process.

Williams and several other secretaries of state have said they will only be providing that information that is considered public under state law.