Oklahoma Capitol building to celebrate 100th birthday

Jun 20, 2017

Credit The Oklahoman

At the end of this month, Oklahoma’s state Capitol building will celebrate its one-hundredth birthday.

As The Oklahoman reports, the state has several events planned for June 30, to mark the occasion.

The Oklahoma Capitol building, located on over 100 acres in northwest Oklahoma City, holds 650 rooms and 11 acres of floor space.

The original Oklahoma flag will fly over the building on the Capitol's birthday. The banner is a bright red, featuring the number “46” inside of a star in the center of the flag, representing Oklahoma’s status as the 46th member of the Union.

The state Capitol is currently under renovation, a project that’s expected to take several years.  The Capitol’s dome, which was part of the original blueprint, was not completed until 2002. Gov. Mary Fallin said last week that she’s been honored to serve in the building.