The Oklahoma Legislature: Fast Facts

Feb 5, 2018

Oklahoma State Capitol in 1963
Credit Oklahoma Legislative Service Bureau / Wikimedia Commons

The Oklahoma Legislative Session for 2018 began yesterday. Here are some facts about the Sooner State’s legislative body, courtesy of The Tulsa World.

The regular legislative session begins each year on the first Monday of February.

This year will be a bit odd, as a special session will be held concurrently with the regular session. The point of this so-called “extraordinary session” is to finalize the current fiscal year’s budget.

The Oklahoma Senate consists of 48 seats. There are currently 39 Republicans and eight Democrats in the Senate, with one seat sitting vacant. Meanwhile, of the 101 seats in the state House of Representatives, 72 are held by Republicans and 28 by Democrats. There’s also currently one vacancy in the House.

All told, in both houses, male legislators outnumber women by a count of 122 to 21.

This will be the last term for 6 of the Senators and two of the House members, as these lawmakers fall under term-limit restrictions.