Oklahoma Makes "Worst State to Live In" List

Jul 17, 2017

Credit Famartin / Wikimedia Commons

CNBC has released its annual “Worst States to Live In” list, and the news isn’t good for Oklahoma.

The Sooner State came in third on the list, which ranks livability based on a number of metrics including crime rate, attractions, air quality, health care, and legal protections against discrimination.

CNBC noted that heavy tobacco use in Oklahoma led the state to have one of the highest premature-death rates in the nation. Oklahoma also has one of the highest infant mortality rates, and has struggled with widespread mental health problems.

Despite these health concerns, Oklahoma ranks in the bottom five when it comes to health insurance rates for its residents.

The survey did note that Oklahoma has better than average air quality.

Alabama was found to be the worst state in America to live in. Other states in the top ten include Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, New Mexico and Kentucky.