Oklahoma Teacher Resorts to Panhandling to Buy School Supplies

Jul 23, 2017

Credit Douglas Perkins

One Oklahoma teacher has now turned to panhandling to pay for necessary items for her classroom.

Oklahoma teachers will be returning to work in a few weeks, and that means they’ll have to get their classrooms ready. But, in cash-strapped Oklahoma, this can be an even bigger challenge than in other states.

As KFOR reports, one Oklahoma public-school educator has resorted to standing out on a busy street corner with a sign that reads, “Teacher Needs School Supplies! Anything Helps.”

Teresa Danks says she spends between up to $3,000 of her own money every year to purchase supplies for her third-graders. Now, she’s asking the community to pitch in.

Oklahoma has received nationwide attention this year for failing to give its teachers raises. The state has long ranked near the bottom when it comes to compensating educators.