Once a Critic, Reporter Finds a New Home in Rural America

Mar 14, 2016

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken drew this U.S. map on the back of a Minnesota map for Ingraham.
Credit Office of Senator Al Franken / Minneapolis Star Tribune

Back in August a Washington Post reporter made a few snarky comments about a rural Midwestern county. Christopher Ingraham wrote, "The absolute worst place to live in America is (drumroll please) Red Lake County, Minn.” In response, the residents of Red Lake County invited Ingraham to visit. And now, says The Rural Blog, the reporter is packing his bags and moving to the very place he disparaged not so long ago.

In a recent column, Ingraham explained his move: “"I couldn't stop thinking about the places in Red Lake County I'd visited, or the people I met there,” he wrote, adding: “I kept dreaming about big skies. Broad rivers. Flat roads running to the horizon and towns that smelled of wood and grain and dry prairie air.”

Christopher Ingraham now plans to perform his job for the Washington Post from the comfort of his new home in rural America.