Palo Duro Canyon State Park: Numbers Up, Improvements Underway

Jul 25, 2013

Credit Texas Parks and Wildlife

Revenue and visitors are increasing at Palo Duro Canyon State Park according to the Amarillo Globe-News.  Total park revenue increased to $4 million.  Here are the percentage increases:

  • Total park revenue- 13%
  • Activity fees and concessions- 11%
  • Entrance fees- 8.3%
  • Facility fees- 17.1%


  • Three bridges will be constructed by the Texas Department of Transportation, beginning this fall.  (Water crossings can be closed during and after rains.)
  • The Juniper Multi-se Area was recently paved, utilities will be installed this fall, campsites and a group pavilion will be added next spring.
  • A study is being conducted to plan the best way to develop new park properties.  A focus group and public input is part of that process.
  • Pre-bidding is completed for the Canoncita Ranch renovation.
  • Comanche Trail will be restored, running from the Mack Dick Group Pavilion to Water Crossing Six, along the base of Fortress Cliffs.
  • Guided driving tours have been added.  Reservations are required.

Palo Duro Canyon is more than hiking and camping.  A complete listing of park activities can be found here.