The Perfect Gift for the Outdoorsman

Dec 6, 2012

Gift giving is hard for me.  When it comes to giving the perfect Christmas gift for the outdoorsman on the list, I've found the best presents are the tools I use that are tried and true. 

Here are a few ideas.  If the person on your list spends time in the wetland, one of my favorite solutions is a NuCanoe.  It's a cross between a kayak and a canoe.  I've paddled hogs out on mine.  You can also get a camouflage tarp and hunt birds right out of it.  

You know I like to cook, and my favorite cooking is done outdoors.   When I'm out at camp, you can't beat a cast iron dutch oven, but when I'm home, I'll use my electric smoker two or three time a week.  Mine is a SmokinTex Smoker Oven.  

Corn is a premium price, and I tell you, the varmints will steal you blind unless you have a way to protect that grain.  Personally, I use a contraption called, "The Eliminator."  It's got a cover that comes down to keep those raccoons and squirrels out. 

The last two suggestions I have is for the person who enjoys bow hunting.  If you don't have the strength a traditional bow requires, a solution to that problem is a crossbow.  Mine is from Darton Archery.  A neat little attachment you can get for your bow is a Hawglite.  I love to use mine to hunt hogs at night.  Just a word of caution, be sure that night hunting is legal in your area.

If I could give the perfect gift to the outdoorsman on my list, it would be a lake full of fish, a meadow of deer, a flock of geese overhead, ducks on the pond, pheasants in the stubble, wide open spaces, and plenty of time to spend enjoying it.  Oh, and that everyone would have a wife as sweet as mine.  Merry Christmas!

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