Pot Shops Give Growing Opportunity to Another “Garden City”

Dec 20, 2013

John Rotherham owns Nature's Herbs & Wellness Center in Garden City. His relatives work as trimmers. From left, aunt Judy Gochenour, mom Mary, dad John Rotherham and uncle Elmer Gochenour.

Garden City… Colorado, is on the edge of a busy highway intersection, nestled between Greeley on three sides, and Evans on the other.  It’s surrounded by communities banning recreational pot sales, but true to its history, Garden City is maximizing the opportunity presented by the legalization of marijuana according to the Denver Post.

The little community with a land mass of a few blocks and a population of close to 300, recently passed an ordinance allowing recreational sales.  That’s no surprise, the town was the place to legally get a good stiff drink during prohibition. 

"We stand for individual rights and going against the trends. It's OK to be different," said the mayor of Garden City, Brian Seifried. But "it is incredibly ironic that it is so precisely the story from the past."