Recent rains didn’t drown drought conditions

Jul 9, 2014


Recent rains did not significantly change drought conditions for most of the High Plains. 

The U.S. Drought Monitor reported drought conditions have been upgraded in central and southern Kansas where 2-5 inches of rain fell warranting one-category improvements, especially in local areas where rainfall was two to three times normal and fell in one week.  Extreme and severe drought conditions persist in most of western Kansas.

Oklahoma experienced wide-spread one-category improvements, especially in places like Buffalo where 10.44 inches of rain fell in June, compared to the normal rainfall amount of 4.08 inches.  The Panhandle is now in  severe and extreme drought status.

Overall, Texas had an unexpectedly wet week, but most of the Panhandle remains in extreme and exceptional drought conditions.

Moderate rain (0.5-2.0 inches) supported a one-category improvement to parts of northeast Colorado.  Southeastern Colorado remains in exceptional and extreme drought designation.

Rains in southern Nebraska prompted 1-category upgrades.

The Oklahoma Panhandle experienced a very impressive dust storm on June 30.