Researchers "age" whiskey in a few days, rather than a few years

Feb 12, 2017

Credit Creative Commons

Researchers have discovered a new method of distilling whiskey that shortens the aging process from years to a few days, reports.

For centuries, the maturation of whiskey in wooden casks has been the lengthiest part of the whiskey-making process. But now researchers in Spain have attempted a new process for creating brandy, which is made from distilled wine. The scientists mixed the wine with wood chips, then blasted the mixture with ultrasound waves.

The ultrasound caused the plant tissue within the wood chips to rupture, releasing bioactive compounds, thus rapidly maturing the alcohol in a process that would have otherwise taken years. Professional tasters declared the brandy equal to any that had been traditionally aged in oak casks.

Some whiskey distillers are now experimenting with the process.  But don't worry. Whiskeys are still strictly controlled and regulated, so anything you buy on the shelf will be made the traditional way unless it says otherwise.