On the roads: Trucks transporting wind farm parts from Kansas and Iowa to the Texas Panhandle

Mar 25, 2014

Pattern Energy moves wind turbine components by special trailer to the Texas Panhandle.
Credit amarillo.com

Pattern Energy is moving components from Hutchinson and Abilene, Kansas, as well as Iowa, to the Texas Panhandle.  Sections of towers that hold the large blades in the air and the narcelles that hold the equipment that makes electricity from the turning blades are transported by trucks pulling specially built trailers.  The components are headed for two projects located north of Amarillo.

The parts are coming from Hutchinson and Abilene, Kansas as well as Iowa. 

Mortenson Construction is a contractor for Pattern Energy.  The company has 300-400 workers on the sites, depending on the task. 

Both wind farms will be completed, and begin sending power via the newly constructed transmission lines this year.