Run Black Drum Run!

Mar 14, 2013

Folks, I am here to tell you that right now is the time to head down to Galveston, Texas, to fish for Black Drum.  We are in the midst of the Black Drum run.  It typically starts mid February and runs through the middle of April.  My old buddy, Captain Mike Williams, is a veteran fishing guide off the Texas coast.  We have been fishing together for a long time.

Our first trip was about 20-25 years ago.  We'd been sitting in the boat for about 10 minutes after Mike put down the anchor, and he told me, "Luke, when the stern comes 'round on the anchor, be ready."  I am not kidding you, he was spot on.   That time and every time since, we always catch a bunch of fish. 

There are a few factors to a successful Black Drum fish.  Tide is one.  Captain Mike likens it fishing below a dam, "If the water's running, you're gonna catch fish."  Bait.  These fish are picky eaters, and their favorite dinner is cracked blue crab.  You can use other baits, but they really want blue crab.  The good news is if you don't use all the bait, you can always eat the crab yourself. 

Mike enjoys taking the whole family on a fishing adventure.  From little kids to grandmas, Mike says, "If you can reel it in, you can catch a fish.  We'll do everything else for ya."  I think next week, I'll ask Mike to come back so we can talk about fishing for shark.  They are delicious to eat, and will wear you out

If you'd like to see pictures of Captain Mike and Galveston Fishing guides, click here.  You can also call: 713-723-1911.

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