Rural Colorado Towns Looking For Solutions To Landfill Problems

Sep 28, 2017

Credit CCO Creative Commons

Rural Colorado communities with landfills are feeling the sting of a state regulation being mandated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

As The Prowers Journal reported in August, two eastern Colorado communities were cited several years ago for landfill problems associated with record keeping and landfill operations, resulting in regulations that are costly for the sparsely populated communities to maintain.

At a meeting held Tuesday at the Prowers County Courthouse, according to The Prowers Journal, representatives from the communities of Pritchett, Springfield, Walk, Holly, Granada and Two Buttes, and Baca, Cheyenne and Kiowa counties, acknowledged that they need to abide by landfill regulations for the health and safety of their communities, but are wanting the state to take a more hands-off approach to enforcement and allow the communities more hands-on say-so about their respective landfills’ oversight.

Some of the representatives claimed the costs of running a landfill under the regulations are financially punitive.