Satanic Temple Shares Monument Design for Oklahoma Capitol

Jan 16, 2014

Monument design for the Oklahoma Capitol
Credit The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple started a campaign in December to place a monument of their own next to the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol according to The Economist.

They recently unveiled their monument’s design: a winged creature with a torso of a man, the head of a goat with horns, sitting on a throne beneath a Pentagram, with two fingers raised.  Two tow-headed children are on either side of the being.

The group reasons the statue would give Oklahomans “the opportunity to show that they espouse to the basic freedoms spelled out in the Constitution.”

Satanists are many different organizations, beliefs, and rituals without much in common.  Many are wholly or partly occult, and much is hidden from non-adherents.  

All branches do seem share a belief that the worship of a supernatural deity, and the ecclesiastical structure that evolved to support such worship, places needless restrictions on human knowledge and progress.  There is a belief in science, rationality, and learning without restrictions.

The complete story from The Economist can be found here.