In Search of a Place That Feels More Like Home, Texans Are Moving to California--and Vice-Versa

Jul 5, 2017

Credit Phillip Capper / Wikimedia Commons

As HPPR recently reported, the rivalry between California and Texas has grown more heated since the election of Donald Trump.

California has banned all official state travel to Texas, in protest of the state’s law allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples. In turn, Texas lawmakers have embraced anti-sanctuary city legislation and taken up the rally cry “Don’t California our Texas!”

But, as The Guardian reports, the difference has led to many residents moving from one state to the other. Over the past ten years, Texas has been the top destination for Californians, and vice-versa. Many Republican Californians remember only a few decades ago, when the Golden State was reliably conservative.

A good number of these GOP-loving Californians have pulled up stakes and resettled in the staunchly right-wing suburbs of Dallas. As a result, whether the catalyst is economic or political, the polarization of America continues.