Six things Kansas producers learned at Corn School

Feb 9, 2015

Over 160 farmers attended the K-State Corn Production School in Hesston. Schools were held in multiple locations across Kansas.

Hundreds of corn farmers across the state of Kansas attended Corn School this year reports Seedbuzz.  If you wonder what producers learn at corn school, here are some lessons they took away:

  • You have to soil test.  David Mengel is a soil fertility specialist at KSU.  He shared this quote from North Dakota counterparts, "Producers would not dare go to the field without checking the oil in their tractor engine. One should approach soil testing in the same manner."
  • … but be careful what you test.  Mengel says some nutrient values show up very well in soil tests, others do not.
  • Proper soil test depth is important.  Testing depth varies.  Know your soil test standards.  They vary by state.  Make sure your laboratory is equipped to handle the test you take.
  • Starter fertilizer pays.  Mengel says starter fertilizer application is worth the effort, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • An Era of lowers prices awaits.  Massive corn crops over the past few years have replenished corn ending stocks.  White the demand is still good, producers can expect lower prices in 2015.
  • Making money won’t be as easy.  Lower corn prices will force producers to cut costs, tap into cash reserves, or rely on crop insurance proceeds.