Some Oklahoma churches see drop in attendance as fearful immigrants stay home

Mar 21, 2017

The Rev. Felix Cabrera
Credit The Oklahoman

Undocumented immigrants in Oklahoma have evidently become so frightened that many have stopped attending church, citing dread of being deported should they appear in public.

Members of the clergy recently told The Oklahoman that they’ve seen a drop in attendance since news of deportations have spread across the country.

The Rev. Felix Cabrera, pastor of a Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, said fears among churchgoers were part of the reason the Hispanic Baptist Pastors Alliance released a statement in response to President Donald Trump’s immigration orders.

In their statement, the pastors attested that, “Hispanic brethren are afraid to be arrested on the way [to church], and/or, as we have seen happen already, receive a call that one of their family members has been arrested by Immigration & Customs Enforcement.”