Some Texas hospitals to see funding cuts due to frequent on-site infections and injuries

Dec 26, 2016

Credit Billy Hathorn / Wikimedia Commons

Sixty-one Texas hospitals will see federal funding cuts next year, reports The Dallas Morning News. The cuts will come mostly in funding for patient infections and injuries.

The cut in funding is a punishment of sorts, under what is known as the hospital-acquired condition reduction program.

Basically, too many patients in recent years have been developing infections, bed sores and other injuries while receiving treatment at hospitals. So, the funding cut is seen as an incentive for hospitals to lower the high rates of patients developing new conditions during their stay.

The idea behind the cuts is that hospitals should not be rewarded with more funding when that have a higher rate of patients who, for example, develop infections at the surgical site while hospitalized.

Baptist St. Anthony’s in Amarillo is among the penalized hospitals. Nationally, almost 800 hospitals will be penalized.