Into the Sun: Richard Ross

Aug 29, 2014

Richard Ross

Richard Ross has a passion for capturing images and theatre.  When his good friend, Jake Alan Nelson, told him that the American Fusion Project was going to document their Kansas tour, he wanted to be part of it.

He says the project is the perfect blend for him.  He studied theatre performance at Baylor University.  When he graduated, he went to work in commercial videography and photography for an American corporation. 

Richard says the project is the next generation of artists coming together to create a new form.  His goal is to capture the whole process because it’s all original. 

Richard loves performers, art, impacting people, and striking images.

He’s very excited to be coming to Kansas with the tour, and to be “capturing the magic.”

The tour starts in Garden City on Tuesday, September 2, at the Garden City High School, continues in Lawrence on Thursday, September 4, and ending on Saturday, September 6, in Kansas City.  

More about the project, the tour, and the performers can be found online at Arts Fusion Initiative.