Into the Sun: Taylor Hansen-Johnson

Aug 26, 2014

Taylor Hansen-Johnson is a dancer with the American Fusion: Into the Sun project coming to Kansas.  

Thinking back on our conversation, the words that come to mind in describing Taylor are: strong- of body, mind, and spirit.  She’s worked hard to get to the level she’s at in each area.   

Body.  Taylor wanted to dance since she was three.  Her mom started her in gymnastics, but Taylor kept insisting she wanted to dance.  Her mom was a dancer working at a studio in her hometown outside Columbus, Ohio.  That’s where Taylor began to dance, and she’s been dancing ever since.

Spirit.  Dancing led Taylor to join a nonprofit dance company when she was 16.  She left behind her family, friends, and Alex, who became her husband this summer, moving to the city.  Everyone in the company was older, so she says she grew up fast.  During those lonely days, she turned to her faith.  Something brand new to her that Alex had brought into her life.  She read the Bible.  She prayed. 

Mind.  While dancing, she homeschooled herself to finish high school.    

At 18, she moved to New York City to attend Juilliard.  For the first time, in a long time, she says she felt like she came back to being a regular kid, surrounded by people her own age.

Her faith continues to guide her path.  Her dream is to work with her husband, creating an arts outreach program for youth.

Here are her words about the project:

I was originally attracted to The American Fusion Project because the mission statement sounded like a personal dream of mine, which is to create an outreach program for youth. I was specifically intrigued by the element of relationship building in this project. I believe that outreach is not completely successful unless the team is striving to make personal relationships, which thankfully is exactly what The American Fusion Project is all about. 

As I first sat with Kristen, her passion and organization drew me in immediately. The text that we are using for inspiration is beyond stunning and it encourages me to create and share what is going on inside of my head. I anticipate a supportive, joyful, and beautiful experience as we the artists collaborate and most importantly, build relationships within the Kansas community.

The tour starts in Garden City on Tuesday, September 2, at the Garden City High School, continues in Lawrence on Thursday, September 4, and ending on Saturday, September 6, in Kansas City.  

More about the project, the tour, and the performers can be found online at Arts Fusion Initiative.