Support For Trump Among Rural Americans On The Decline

Oct 19, 2017

Credit Gage Skidmore / Flickr Creative Commons

A new poll shows rural support for Donald Trump has declined significantly since the President took office in January, reports Newsweek.

The numbers now show an evenly split divide, with 47 percent of rural Americans disapproving of the President’s performance and the same number approving.

The new numbers reveal an 8 percent drop in approval since the inauguration, when only 37 percent of rural Americans disapproved of the President and 55 percent approved.

The Reuters poll found that many rural Americans have been dismayed by the way President Trump has dealt with the immigration issue.

Despite the new numbers, Trump still has higher levels of support among rural Americans than among any other group.

Only 8 percent of Democrats approve of Trump’s performance, which marks the lowest approval rating for an opposing party in the history of modern polling.