Sweet on Optimism: Honeywise, Live on High Plains Morning

Aug 30, 2017

I woke up feeling good, but now I’m feeling even better. This morning, Sophia Landis & Jason Surratt of the folk duo Honeywise stopped by HPPR-Amarillo for a live, in-studio set on High Plains Morning. They’re playing tonight at Leftwoods in Amarillo at 10pm.

From Cedar Falls, Iowa, these two have been traveling like nomads across 10 states over the last several months, with more than 65 shows in their pocket. They’re calling it their Equinox Tour 2017, as they promote their new album, The Grass Is Green. In addition to writing and playing across the US, they also run an independent music label, Wild Midwest, to support emerging musicians in our region.

HPPR thanks them for sharing their time and talent with our listeners! Find out more about their music on their website or on their Facebook page. Hear their full set and interview here: