Take a sneak listen to 94.9 Connect!

Jan 28, 2017

You’re invited to take a sneak preview of 94.9 Connect, HPPR’s new all news, information, conversation and entertainment service that’s now available on any digital device!

94.9 Connect provides you with an entire second channel of programming service from HPPR running 24 hours a day, seven day a week.  Click here to see the full schedule of programs – you’re unlikely to find a broader or finer selection of public radio programming anywhere in the country.  Included are all the most popular programs from National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International (PRI), American Public Media (APM), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), WNYC News York, KQED San Francisco and the best independent producers. 

How to listen

To listen on your desktop or tablet, just click the “v” on the player at the top of this page.  The 94.9 Connect player will then appear below and to the right of the player for HPPR’s existing programming. 

You will also see information on the program currently playing on 94.9 Connect.  Then just click on the play button to begin listening. 

You’ll notice that 94.9 Connect jumps to the top as your preferred channel, where it will stay until you switch to HPPR.  You’ll also see the dancing bars replace the play button to confirm that the stream is reaching your computer. If you don’t hear any sound, check your computer’s audio setting.

To listen on your smartphone, use your browser to go to hppr.org and HPPR’s mobile website will appear.  From there, just follow the same directions as above.  You can bookmark the page for quicker access next time you listen.

If you prefer using some other audio player you can go directly to the 94.9 Connect audio stream using this URL:  http://17993.live.streamtheworld.com/KANZFM_HPPR2.mp3.  Or you can click below. 

About this Beta version

HPPR’s staff and volunteers are still working on bringing together and testing all the parts of 94.9 Connect.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of little things and bits of code that need to come together to make it all work right.  So, as you listen you may here short interludes of filler music where other content will soon appear.  There may also be occasional points where there is silence.  These are all parts we’re still filling in and fixing.  There may also be some minor adjustments to the weekly schedule yet to come.

But even though it’s still in a beta testing mode, all of the programs are there to hear and we want to start sharing this new service with you now.  We also want to involve you as a listener in giving us feedback and helping us work out the remaining bugs.

Give us your feedback

We would very much appreciate hearing from you about the service in general and in particular.  Let us know what you think of the program selections and the overall sound of this new channel along with your suggestions and questions by emailing Deb Oyler, HPPR’s Executive Director.

And let us know of any operational problems.  If you’re listening at 11:01 pm and there’s suddenly silence for the next 5 minutes, please email Dale Bolton, HPPR’s Program Director with the details, so he and other staff can track down and fix the problem.

On-air broadcast reception is coming.

Besides offering 94.9 Connect on all digital devices, we plan in the coming weeks to begin broadcasting the service in the Amarillo area on 94.9 FM where you’ll be able to hear it on any radio and on KJJP HD2 where you can listen on an HD equipped radio, including most recent model car radios.  We just need to do some additional work on the broadcast equipment and make sure the programming service is sounding good and operating reliably before making 94.9 Connect’s on-air public debut. So stay tuned for updates and do some sneak listening in the meantime!