Teaching Cindee to Catfish: the saga continues

Aug 16, 2013

Credit nebraskapassport.com

Folks, to this point, I’ve taught Cindee about bait, how to rig her pole, and where to look for catfish.  Today, I’m going to give her a tip that is a sure fire way to catch those cats.  

Chumming.  I get a bag of hen scratch, or grain, put it in a bucket with water, take it away from the house (this is very important for keeping peace in the home), and let it sit and sour.  I have advised Cindee that she can use range cubes because she seems to have an aversion to my old school mixture.  Honestly, I think range cubes are just as effective, but I’ll stick with my old faithful.

When I’m ready to head out fishing, I put the bucket in the back of my pickup, and head for the lake.  I find a likely location, take a gallon out, and broadcast the sour mash around my boat.  I’m looking for catfish that weigh in at about a pound.  They're in schools this time of year, and those little buggers are like sharks.  Every cell of their skin is on alert for the scent of food, and once they catch wind of something good, they will appear in no time.  I give them about 10 to 15 minutes, hang my fishing pole in, (rigged like I’ve been telling you), and reel them in.