Texas Air & Space Museum Wants to Rescue Amarillo’s Historic Hangar

Aug 2, 2017

Amarillo AFB, B-47 aircraft mechanic class, early 1960's.
Credit Pi3.124 / Wikimedia Commons

Last week’s heavy rain damaged an important piece of Amarillo’s aviation past.

The English Field hangar, which opened in 1929 and was used for pilot training during World War II, was partially damaged by the downpour. As a result, the Texas Air and Space Museum has expressed interest in taking ownership of the site.

As The Amarillo Globe-News reports, museum president Ron Fernuik spoke at a meeting of the Amarillo City Council on Tuesday and said the Air and Space Museum was worried that the hangar’s poor condition would lead to its demolition if the museum didn’t step in to preserve it.

Members of the Amarillo City Council said they’d need some time to consider the proposal, but they assured the museum’s president that no one would destroy the English Field Hangar in the meantime.