Texas considers abolishing daylight savings

Mar 14, 2017

State Representative Jason Isaac, Republican of Dripping Springs
Credit MyHighPlains.com

For those Texas Panhandle residents who grumble every autumn when the clocks fall back and the sun suddenly sets shortly after five p.m., help may be on the way.

As MyHighPlains.com reports, three bills have been introduced in the Texas legislature this session, all aimed at abolishing daylight savings in the Lone Star State.

State Rep. Jason Isaac of Dripping Springs is the sponsor of one bill. He cited studies that report an increase in car accidents and heart attacks, due to lack of sleep caused by daylight savings.

“It doesn't change the amount of daylight,” Isaac said. “It doesn't change they amount of day time, it just leaves us at the same time.”

Last legislative session, State Rep. Dan Flynn introduced a similar bill but it was voted down 56-9, in favor of keeping the time change.