Texas Earthquakes: New Study Reveals Extraction is a Big Cause

Aug 29, 2013

Cliff Frohlich, Associate Director at the University of Texas's Institute for Geophysics
Credit State Impact Texas

 A new study from the University of Texas shows the recent cluster of earthquakes are mostly caused by oil and gas extraction reported State Impact Texas

Cliff Frohlich is the Associate Director at UT’s Institute for Geophysics and lead author of the study. 

“The question we were looking at was, were quakes in the area linked to the disposal of hydrofracking waste?” said Frohlich. 

Frohlich expected the Eagle Ford Shale study would have the same results.  He says the new study does find that some of the quakes are probably linked to injection disposal wells, but most of them, especially the biggest ones are linked to the extraction of large amounts of oil and gas from the ground.

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