Texas Ed Board confirms curriculum challenging evolution

Feb 7, 2017

State Board of Education members Barbara Cargill, R-The Woodlands, left, and David Bradley, R-Beaumont, take part in a meeting Wednesday in which the board took a preliminary vote along party lines to restore curriculum standards that challenge the understanding of evolution.
Credit Ralph Barrera / Austin American-Statesman

The Texas Board of Education has signed off on a state curriculum that challenges the teaching of evolution in the classroom.

As The Austin American Statesman reports, Republicans on the board voted to put language back into the state science curriculum that challenges the validity of evolution.

Last month a committee hired by the school board had recommended removing the language that challenged evolution. Critics say the curriculum will invite the teaching of creationism and intelligent design into the classroom.

Later this month, the Board will open an online forum to invite public comments on the proposed biology curriculum standards. The online forum will be posted to the Texas Register to allow Texans to sound off.

The vote fell along party lines, with the ten Republicans on the board voting to restore the curriculum challenging the validity of evolutionary theory. The five Democrats on the panel opposed the move, but were voted down.