Texas: Lake Meredith still generating revenue despite low water levels

Mar 23, 2014

Lake Meredith
Credit amarillo.com

The water level is down, and so are the number of people visiting Lake Meredith and the associated Alibates Flint Quarries.  However, the sites are still impacting the area’s economy in a positive manner said a recent article in the Amarillo News-Globe.

Bob McGuire is the superintendent of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, which includes Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument.  He says attendance is down because of the lake level.

“It used to be 1.5 million a year. Now it’s 500,000 to 700,000. But land-based recreation is actually picking up. We’ve got six new miles of trails and are building 10 more miles.”

The National Park Service recently released a report showing total spending by visitors from a 60 mile radius was over $20 million.  Visitors outside that area spent $17.8 million.  That revenue supports 278 jobs.

“It’s mostly grocery stores and gas stations that benefit,” McGuire said. “That’s mostly in Fritch, Borger and Amarillo.”

Comparing this year’s revenue is difficult.  The NPS has changed its methodology to be more accurate.