Texas Law Enforcement Officials Voice Opposition to Bathroom Bill

Jul 26, 2017

Credit WhisperToMe / Wikimedia Commons

A host of prominent Texas law enforcement officials came out this week in opposition to the controversial “bathroom bill” being re-introduced into the state Legislature.

As The Texas Tribune reports, police chiefs from three of Texas’s largest cities appeared at the Capitol in Austin this week to add their voices to the chorus of those resisting the legislation.

The police chiefs called the bill discriminatory, and said it won’t keep people safe and will divert much-needed resources from state law enforcement organizations.

Speaking at the Capitol were Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, and San Antonio Police Chief William McManus. Also gathered to oppose the bill were representatives for the Harris County and El Paso sheriff's offices, the Corpus Christi ISD chief of police and other members of the law enforcement community, as well as state public school officials and advocates for sexual assault survivors.