Texas Lawmaker Wants To Study Why Black Mothers Die At A Higher Rate

Jul 31, 2017

Credit Graham Crumb / Wikimedia Commons

Texas still has the highest mortality rate among new mothers in the developed world.

In 2010, Texas saw 19 deaths per 100,000 live births. By 2014, that number had doubled to 36. And the maternal mortality rate is particularly pronounced among black women in Texas.

However, despite the high rate of danger for mothers in Texas, legislators in Austin did not pass any legislation this year to study or combat the problem.

But now, as USA TODAY reports, one Democratic lawmaker from Houston has proposed a bill to study why black women are experiencing higher maternal mortality rates than white women in Texas. The issue is personally important to Rep. Shawn Thierry, who experienced complications from an epidural during the birth of her daughter.  

"When you're talking about statistics, it's easy for people to think that it's just a number," Thierry said, adding: "These are real women."