Texas Lawmakers Launch Flurry of Anti-Abortion Bills

Jul 30, 2017

Credit jordanuhl7 / Wikimedia Commons

As the special session continues in Austin, lawmakers in the Texas Capitol passed a number of bills last week aimed at restricting access to abortions for Texas women.

As USA TODAY reports, in just one week, four anti-abortion bills passed the Senate and another passed the House. Texas has frequently made national news over the past few years with its repeated attempts to limit access to abortion.

During the regular session earlier this year, 40 different anti-abortion pieces of legislation were proposed. Only one wound up becoming law, a bill requiring abortion providers to bury or cremate fetal remains. Last week’s bills were resurrected versions of failed bills from this year’s regular session. For any bill to become law, lawmakers from both houses must agree on a single version, which must then be signed by Gov. Greg Abbott.