Texas lawmakers look to ease cosmetology-licensing requirements

Apr 20, 2017

Credit Jennifer Carlson / Wink Threadings Salon

Becoming a licensed hairstylist may soon be a much easier prospect in Texas, if the state Legislature has its way.

As The Texas Tribune reports, three new bills would make the process of obtaining a cosmetology license in the Lone Star State much less arduous.

One proposal would reduce the licensing requirement to get a cosmetology license from 1,500 hours to 1,000. Another would repeal a requirement that says an individual must hold a cosmetology or barber student permit to shampoo. And a third measure would remove eyebrow threading from the list of cosmetology services for which a license is required.

The first two bills were proposed by Craig Goldman, a Republican congressman from Fort Worth. The eyebrow-threading provision is the brainchild of state Rep. John Kuempel, Republican of Seguin.