Texas Lawmakers Resume Legislating - And Infighting

Jul 19, 2017

Credit Ed Uthman / Wikimedia Commons

This year’s regular legislative session ended with one GOP lawmaker calling Federal authorities on a group of peaceful protestors. That move was followed by a scuffle on the floor of the House of Representatives in which that same Republican Congressman, Rep. Matt Rinaldi, threatened to “put a bullet in the head” of one of his Democratic colleagues.

Texas lawmakers haven’t had much of a chance to cool off before the beginning of the special session convened by Gov. Greg Abbott, which began Tuesday.

As The Dallas Morning-News reports, the session got off to a tense start, as intraparty tensions simmered between moderate Republicans and the far-right supporters of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Meanwhile, Democrats are already complaining of improper procedural maneuvering on the part of the GOP. Patrick says he plans to introduce the controversial school voucher and bathroom bills as early as next week.