Texas Oil Execs Urge Abbott To Reject Bathroom Bill

Aug 1, 2017

Credit tedeytan / Flickr Creative Commons

Big Oil has now added its voice to the chorus of those who oppose the controversial “bathroom bill” that would legally require trans Texans to use the bathroom that matches their birth certificates.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, this week more than 50 oil-industry executives, including top brass from BP America, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Halliburton, signed a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott pleading with him not to sign the legislation.

The executives, who are all based in Houston, insisted that if the bathroom bill becomes law, it will hurt Texas oil companies’ ability to attract and retain top-notch talent from around the world.

The letter read, in part, “We support diversity and inclusion, and we believe that any such bill risks harming Texas’ reputation and impacting the state’s economic growth.”

Supporters of the bill insist it makes Texans safer, despite little concrete evidence to support this claim.