Texas passes law that will turn away some prospective foster parents

May 22, 2017

Credit Nick Youngson http://nyphotographic.com/

As the Texas Panhandle faces a rising number of foster children without homes, the Texas Legislature Monday passed a law that would turn away some prospective parents for religious reasons.

As ABC 7 Amarillo reports, there is a growing need for foster homes in the Texas Panhandle.

There are currently 130 licensed homes in Potter and Randall Counties, in which there are currently 358 foster kids in need of homes. Some kids are being sent to different cities, while some are left to stay the night in the Child Protective Services (CPS) office 

Meanwhile, according to the Dallas News, the Texas Legislature approved a measure late Sunday that will allow adoption and foster care agencies to refuse to place children with non-Christian, unmarried or gay prospective parents because of religious objections.

The bill passed 21-10 and extends additional legal protections to providers who deny services or reject prospective parents based on their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Opponents say the law is discriminatory but conservative lawmakers pushing the bill said the measure is necessary to keep faith-based agencies operating in Texas.