Texas regulators weigh in on proposed greenhouse gas rules

Jan 29, 2014

Texas power plant
Credit Andrea Parker / Cory Maluski / The Texas Tribune

President Obama instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to revise greenhouse gas limits for existing power plants.  The suggested changes are to be proposed by June 2015, and Texas regulators have already weighed in according to The Texas Tribune.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Public Utility Commission of Texas wrote a letter responding to the EPA’s request for feedback.  It outlines these concerns:

  • The federal rule making process
  • Electric reliability
  • The impact of new regulations could make coal production less economical, shorten the life of energy generating plants, and strain the grid

The EPA says it is unlikely that any limits on existing power plants would be as stringent as what it has already proposed for new plants.  

Electric utilities, along with the coal industry, have staunchly opposed the notion that more regulations are on the way.

“I would be very surprised if lawsuits would not be coming in response to the proposed rule,” said Trey Powers, executive director of the Texas Mining and Reclamation Association.