Texas taco joints aren't allowed to use the phrase "Taco Tuesday"

Apr 2, 2017

Credit Renee Comet / Wikimedia Commons

After Sunday-Go-to-Meeting and Friday Night Football, Taco Tuesday is perhaps the most hallowed of weekly traditions in Texas.

But, as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports, you might be surprised to learn that taco joints in the Lone Star State are forbidden from using the words “Taco Tuesday.”

That’s because the term is trademarked. In an added bit of blasphemy, the trademark is held by a Wyoming-based taco chain. Because, as we all know, no state is as closely identified with the taco as Wyoming.

The chain in question is called Taco John’s, and the fast food establishment actually has nearly 400 locations in 25 states.

Taco John’s is extremely serious about protecting its Taco Tuesday trademark. But that isn’t stopping Texans from using the phrase, on their weekly trips to devour affordable crunchy goodness.