In Texas, Trump’s Longest Legacy May Be His Court Picks

Oct 1, 2017

Credit Public Domain

President Donald Trump has appointed two Texans to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The Fifth Circuit is a federal court with jurisdiction over district courts in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

In an analysis in The Texas Tribune, Ross Ramsey points out that the relatively young ages of these two jurists means they’ll likely be influencing American law for decades—long after Trump has left office. This is one way that the American GOP’s 2016 battle has paid off.

While Trump may not have been the first choice for many American conservatives, his influence on the American judicial system—including the Supreme Court—will be felt for decades.

One of Trump’s choices for the Fifth Circuit, Don Willett, is most famous for his Twitter presence. He’s often called the “Twitter Laureate.”