As Trump Tries to Walk Back His Anti-NAFTA Language, the Damage May Already Have Been Done

Jul 4, 2017

Credit royal_broil / Flickr Creative Commons

The election of Donald Trump has thrown the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement into a tailspin. The President has openly derided NAFTA as “the worst deal ever.”

But, as The Atlantic noted this week, Trump won’t find many who agree with him among America’s farmers.

Trump has tried to soothe some of the wounds he opened up with his harsh rhetoric about NAFTA, walking back his comments and saying he only planned to renegotiate the deal, not end it altogether.

But the President’s talk of the so-called “horrible” deal, paired with his references to Mexicans as “criminals” and “rapists,” have led to some frosty responses from the agricultural sector in Mexico. Thomas Sleight, the president of the U.S. Grains Council, believes it may already be too late to repair the damage of the President’s rhetoric.

Mexico is currently looking for a “Plan B” if trade with the U.S. falls through.