Two Highway 50 Expansion Options to Save SW Kansas Landmark

Jan 10, 2014

Of the two options presented by the Kansas Department of Transportation, the one with the 60-foot median is preferred by planners at the Kansas Department of Transportation. Both options include the sandstone-looking retaining wall.
Credit KDOT/Dodge City Daily Globe

The Kansas Department of Transportation has two compromise options that would partially protect the Point of Rocks formation on US 50 between Dodge City and Cimarron reported the Dodge City Daily Globe.

The original highway plan would double the number of lanes and add a grass median.  It would also level the sandstone formation known as the Point of Rocks.  The configuration was a landmark to those traveling the Santa Fe Trail.

The new options would cut into the rock, and construct a faux stone retaining wall. 

The option preferred by KDOT engineers requires more of the rock to be removed so a median could be constructed between lanes of traffic.  That choice would require the well-known cowboy silhouette to be moved to the north.

The second option has a single roadbed with an asphalt median between lanes.  The cowboy silhouette would stay where it is.

Both options add $500,000 to the $69 million dollar project.

The Santa Fe Trail and Great Western Cattle Trail Associations are proponents of preserving the formation, and prefer the second option.

The complete story from Christopher Guinn for the Dodge City Daily Globe, as well as images of both options can be found here.