Uncrumbleable: Vanessa Peters, LIVE on High Plains Morning

Oct 11, 2016

Vanessa Peters

Called “the best kind of singer-songwriter” by the Dallas Observer, Vanessa Peters has played more than 1,100 shows in 11 countries and has independently released ten critically acclaimed albums. She tours the US and much of Europe, where she has a strong fan base thanks to the albums she made with her former Italian band, Ice Cream on Mondays. (It's because in Italy, all the gelaterias are closed on Monday -- and Vanessa struggled. Oh, she struggled.) 

But she's back in the states now, touring for her recent release, The Burden of Unshakeable Proof. Based in Dallas and constantly writing, recording, and touring, Vanessa was kind enough to drop into HPPR's Amarillo studio and play a live set on High Plains Morning.

She and her husband just finished building a backyard recording studio "from the ground up" over the course of two years. “It was a labor of love in the truest sense,” she says with a laugh, “but in some respects it was good that it took so long, because I just kept writing and editing.”

Vanessa and the band ended up tracking 27 songs, and culling the batch down to 10 songs wasn’t easy. These songs are tied together by a common thread - determination in the face of despair, and the willingness to shed the shackles of the past in order to move forward. There’s a distinct side A and side B to the album - all the more fitting since this is the first album that Vanessa has released on vinyl (Palo Santo Records).

Hear her song “206 Bones,” which charted on college radio this spring as her latest album continues to gain momentum.

Click below for her full interview and live set!

Thank you, Vanessa, for gracing the High Plains with your inimitable, unshakeable talent!