Veteran’s Day 2013 Profile: Doug Laubach

Nov 8, 2013

Doug Laubach
Credit Doug Laubach

Doug Laubach enlisted in the Army with his draft card in his pocket on Feb. 15, 1970.  He was sent to Fort Ord, California for basic training, and during that time, he was asked if he would be interested in attending a lecture., with who and what it was about was not told.  He went.  That choice took him to the White House during the Nixon years. 

He worked in the Communication Center of the White House, which is located in the basement.  The purpose of the Comm Center is to handle messages to and from the president. 

The time spent gave him insights like, what you read in the newspaper isn’t the whole story.  The media doesn’t have all the fact.  With his security clearance, Laubach would see the messages traveling back and forth from the President, yet when he read the paper, that was not the message being broadcast to the general population.

Take some time, and listen to Doug Laubach share the whole story.  It will give you insights into not only war, but the power of politics.