In Wake of Trump Victory, Texas Proposes Radical Abortion Legislation

Nov 18, 2016


Conservative Texas lawmakers have seen hope in the election of Donald Trump when it comes to abortion legislation.

As The Daily Beast reports, in the wake of Trump’s election, Texas Republicans have filed multiple bills banning abortions. The laws are being decried by critics as a bridge too far, even by Texas standards.

One law would require women to bury or cremate fetal remains in every instance, including cases of miscarriage. According to The Atlantic, laws governing fetal remains are also gaining popularity in states like Indiana, Arkansas, and Georgia.

Meanwhile, current Texas law allows abortions after 20 weeks when the life of the mother is at serious risk, or in cases of severe abnormalities.  House Bill 87 would make these illegal. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Matt Schaefer, has called abortion of fetuses with abnormalities an abomination to God.