Watch out Wylie, Luke's on the porch!

Jul 4, 2014

Luke's waiting for Wylie Coyote on his front porch.
Credit Luke Clayton

My son spotted coyotes on two occasions late at night close to the house during the past week. Most of these sightings occurred around midnight or later, long after I am in bed sound asleep. After another cat came up missing 2 nights ago, I decided to devise a plan to remove Ole Wiley from the equation!

For the past year or so, I’ve been using a Night Site 200 that mounts to the scope of any rifle and lights up the night using infra red technology. Shots at up to 200 yards are very doable with the Night Site. I also have the Night Site Spotter that is hand held and used to scan the darkness. I decided to mount my Night Site to my .25 caliber Airforce air rifle and set up a Cass Creek “Waggler” electronic caller in the front yard. The caller is activated via remote control.

My plan was to set up on the front porch, set the caller out about 50 yards and loose a bit of sleep in hopes of setting the score with Wiley. I did my homework for this project. After all, coyotes are tough to trick, especially those that choose to come slinking around the house in close proximity to people. I loaded the Airforce air gun with 53 grain solid lead bullets made by Hunters Supply.

During daylight hours, I had the rifle shooting nickel size groups at 50 yards with a projectile quite capable of cleanly killing any coyote. The caller was set during daylight hours. To date, I’ve lost 4 hours sleep without even a sighting of Wiley but my vigil will continue tonight. 

More as this story develops!