What Are the Most and Least Patriotic States?

Jul 1, 2016

Credit Wallethub

Independence Day is around the corner, and the personal finance website WalletHub decided to determine which states are the most and least patriotic. The results may surprise you. The site tried to weed politics out of the equation by measure 12 metrics that speak to patriotism.

These included number of active duty military and veterans, voting percentages, and number of volunteers. Virginia was found to be the most patriotic state, while New Jersey is the least.

Among High Plains states, Colorado performed the best, showing up at number four on the list. Kansas was next, at number 21, and Nebraska at number 23. At number 24, Oklahoma just cracked the top half of the list. Texas was farther down, at number 32.

Minnesota was shown to have the highest voting percentage. Alaska has the lowest.

Utah has the highest volunteer rate, and Alaska has the highest percentage of veterans.

Source: WalletHub