What state has the best schools?

Aug 8, 2014

Credit edenprairieweblogs.org

  Before you send your kids off to school, take a moment to consider that Americans with bachelor’s degrees earn 59 percent more than those with only a high school diploma according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  In that light, many parents are seeking the best school districts in an effort to secure the best chance for their children’s academic and eventually financial success.

Do you wonder how your state stacks up against the rest when it comes to the quality of education?  WalletHub recently did a study analyzing 12 key metrics including things like student-teacher ratios, dropout rates, test scores, and bullying incident rates.

Here’s how the region fared:

Kansas #5
Colorado #6
Texas #12
Nebraska #23
Oklahoma #36

An interactive map with complete results is available from WalletHub.